Sound of Contact Music

SOUND OF CONTACT was co-founded by myself (lead vocals, drums and percussion) and Dave Kerzner (keyboards and guitars) in 2009 with Kelly Nordstrom (guitars and bass) and Matt Dorsey (guitars and bass) completing our foursome line up. Together we recorded our debut album “Dimensionaut” which was released on the Inside Out label in the spring of 2013.

Sound of Contact was like my dream band and it came together quite organically. I met the right people at the time in my career as a solo artist. There was a natural chemistry between us as a band and everything just flowed naturally in terms of our music creation.

Before we began working on our album Dimensionaut, myself and Kelly Nordstrom did extensive research into areas like cosmology, quantum physics, astrophysics and astronomy. I have always had a huge interest in astronomy myself. Much of this research led to the development of the story for our album.

Sound of Contact – Not Coming Down

Sound of Contact – Pale Blue Dot

The Dimensionaut’s Journey

Our Album is an exploration into the journey of a human without a name or any connections to other humans. This human, exasperated by humankind, instead chooses to nurture his own solo journey through time, space and intergalactic travel.

The tracks on our album follow the story of the Dimenionaut and how the underlying feelings of loneliness spark a desire to reunite with his soulmate faced with the dilemma of choosing to continue his solo existence in dimensional travel or, instead, return to  ‘reality’.

Sound of Contact – Cosmic Distance Ladder

Sound of Contact – Mobius Slip